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Virginia Lee's Vintage Kitchen was born from a desire to provide food service to families during this crazy time and a way to look back on where it all started. Most of these recipes are modified "vintage" recipes that I learned at my Grandma Virginia's knee in her little kitchen in Enid, Oklahoma and are comfort food with a modern twist.   We are here to provide you with handcrafted, scratch, fresh meals and our in house canned goods and sauces. 


Each week we will have a published menu of a variety of delicious dishes.  Menus will post Mondays for the following weeks available items and delivery.  Orders must be received by Friday for next weeks delivery.  Deliveries will be made each Monday and Thursday for your weekly selections.  Each entree is fully cooked and delivered to you in a half pan that can go right into your oven and feeds about 6. Side dishes feed about 4.  


To order, just use the website, text, or call and we will get you on the schedule! Its that easy.  We will create a profile for you and get your address, allergies, contact info, etc.  Deliveries are made between 5 and 6 Monday and Thursday.  We will send out a reminder text the day before. Payment must be received in full for delivery and can be made through PayPal or Venmo.